Sep 18, 2011

Sep 16, 2011

crafting with kids


We currently enjoy some power crafting with chestnuts, leaves and what else the kids can find outside. Big J tries to stuff as many projects and figures in his half an hour concentration span, though he mainly ands up with "tigers" and hedgehogs. Mum is just good for the drilling and providing the toothpicks and some minor help. The little critter tried his luck with a little boat but overall he still is more interested in touching everything and squishing berries.

Next time we need to get some colored leaves for a garland.

Sep 11, 2011

fall collection for the boys


Grey and color, it is! Inspired by the grey cloudy days that will eventually coming soon, I am planning to use those greys as starting point to make some t-shirts and  trousers that still feel cheery and colorful. Only condition is that there has to be a bit of grey somewhere in it. There will be some fabrics added or swapped out along the way. As both are "too small" there will be some pattern tweaking necessary and some practise on my serger. Oh, well.

Already started cutting and sewing to maintain the momentum.


Sep 5, 2011

things, nobody did ask


  • I am slightly addicted to coffee and think it works marvelous for sleeping.
  • I prefer to sleep long and go to bed early (as in early in the morning). Though that never works with a job and little kids around. But a girl can dream.
  • Love this time of the fall with all those colors and its freshness and occassionally fog.
  • The fabric of the trouser above marks the moment where I discovered that there are indeed some pretty fabrics around and brought me back to sewing. Mainly started with stuff for the kids (as the clothes above and the trousers below) and the house.
  • To compensate for my rather slow crafting some stuff as the orange shirt just gets pimped, which isn't really fast but eliminates some steps.
  • There are to many projects in various stages lingering around despite any of my efforts.
  • There are days I care.
What about you?

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