Jul 5, 2012

new tees

The boys are growing like something. Maybe they have the wrong diet. Everything gets too short or to tight.  Anyway, this gives us the opportunity to play around with different jersey knits and testing print patterns (like screaming blue green dragons) and color combinations.


I used two ottobre patterns and altered the sleeves every here and there so it does not look all the same. Sizes are 86 and 98. Plus two long neglected UFOs in size 92 got finished before getting to small. Hooray.


Thus far, I like the more subdued colors the best whereas the little munchkin loves his share of orange (his favorite color as far as I can tell). What about you? What garnments do you so or would like to?


Jul 4, 2012

birthday quilt


Big J is getting 4 soon and has quite outgrown our baby quilts. Therefore, I've collected some precious fabric over time for a colorful new quilt. The design is pretty simple to show them off. It is backed with red flannel (how the grinch stole christmas) and entirely hand quilted, which was a quite enjoyable process. And the best part is that now last minute night shift will be required ;)