Aug 27, 2012

feeling inspired

little ones_1 
yesterday evening I had the urge to create. something small and soft for my little ones. to play, to hold, to tell them their joys and sorrows before falling asleep or whatever else. 

 little ones_2

Aug 23, 2012

kids wardrobe planning

It's summertime - burning hot and all - so it's time to think about this years fall-/winter wardrobe for the boys. Especially for me slow, part time sewist. They sure did grow a lot and will need some new stuff. Last year, I've started the mission to sew at least a part of there wardrobe since I would like too plus pants weren't slim enough and there are way too many licensed characters on clothes of there sizes. Thus, we'll need:

  • Longsleeves
  • Hoodies / Sweater
  • PJs
  • few pants, there should be enough for the beginning
Just started looking for inspiration, though. Last year we had a lot of brown and charcoal with popping colors like some of the clothes below. Not sure where it will be heading this year but there are a few goals:

  • comfortable and sturdy
  • complementing the existing wardrobe
  • some pops of colors for better mood
  • experimenting further defining and refining our style
  • using up my fabric stash
  • and most important: still having fun, which is something easy to ignore when setting goals too high.
Cool boys might be a nice theme. Just found some nice biker jackets for them. Little M loves orange, so it will be incorporated somehow. Big J has not exactly a favorite but tends to green and subdued colors. Not that easy. So the next weeks will be used for pattern reviews, searching for inspiration and some planing. Meanwhile I should hurry to is to finish some summer projects.

monkeys hippo_front and back


Aug 11, 2012

kids crafting - monsters


The boys felt crafty lately, so we digged out a lot of supplies and they get started. What a fun. Big J was brimming with ideas, whilst little M just enjoyed his pompom work. My role was just to sit back and comment, most of the time. Thanks to the childproof scissors they can cut nothing else than paper and lets face it - clue bottles are just better tubes of toothpaste. So the handling was easy enough for a two year old and who cares about some spots and dirty fingers.


Aug 3, 2012

kids library


Once upon time there was this really empty, ugly and unwelcoming corner in our kids room. Due to its odd shape, no furniture was put there and all it could attract was clutter and dust. So one glorious day paint came to the rescue. Birches grow, birds moved in and butterflies were flying around. Finally the greatest library was built and suddenly all the kids were coming for reading and playing. The corner was beaming with joy. And they all lived happily ever after.


color: sand
birch and owl: painted free hand (or to be precise mainly left out)
birds house, birds and butterflies: craft shop supplies
srcreen prints: alphabet prints by strawberryluna

Aug 1, 2012



It's party time overhere! So I was digging deep in my stash to come up with these lions bringing each an invitation to Big J's kindergarden buddies. It was so fun to but all the colorful papers together and to search for the right accessories. The envelopes are former placemats which just got stamped, which creates a nice set. Such a nice project. I definitely should do more paper stuff again.